1 in 10 Contest

Ryan Coffey

I’m holding another contest.

THIS time, the prize is a biggie. It’s a one week trip for two to Costa Rica with a stay in a fully furnished studio apartment with a yard, a community pool and a BBQ that’s 3 blocks from the tropical beach plus $1000 spending money.

It’s called the “1 in 10 Contest” because that’s the odds of winning. Once ten entries are received, the prize will be drawn. Those are pretty good odds if you ask me. How do you enter? Well, you need to refer me someone who is either buying or selling a property and have is turn into a successful transaction. This takes time, which is why it’s open until the end of the year.

Until the end of June, it’s only open to my existing clients. (i.e. Past sales.) But after that, it’s open to everybody and anybody who wants to enter.

Click here for more info.

Ryan Coffey

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