2008: Year in Review

As 2008 draws to a close so does the first year of this blog. I think that this is a good opportunity for me to point out some of the posts from the year that I think are worth reading if you haven’t done so already. Of course, the blog exists as a form of self promotion but I do it with the spirit of educating the public in hopes of helping everyone make better informed decisions to help them in their lives. The following posts are the ones from the past year  which I think best exemplify that spirit.

January 8th:      When Should I Buy My First Home?

January 15th:    Five things You should not do before buying a Home

February 22nd: Listing Tip #1

February 26th:  Listing Tip #1 (Part 2)

April 9th:          The Basics of Buying Real Estate in B.C.

June 2nd:          Whose Side is Your Realtor On?

June 11th:         Buyer on a Budget? Read This.

October 17th:   Up Markets and Down Markets, When to Buy and Sell (Parts 1 Through 6)

I suppose you could call this my “Coles Notes” for this blog. There are of course plenty of other posts that are also worth reading but these are the ones that contain information that everyone who is buying or selling should have a grasp of.

Enjoy the rest of the holidays. And don’t forget to get some exercise in there somewhere between all the eating and drinking! 🙂

Ryan Coffey

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