2009:Year in Review

Ryan Coffey

Last year, my first year of this blog, I put up a post around this time where I made a list of the posts which I thought were of most use to anyone who wants to inform themselves about real estate in Nanaimo. I’d like to do the same again but also remind people that although the markets change as do the laws that those of us who make a living in Real Estate have to contend with, that the basics of real estate do not. This is why it would behoove you to review last years’ list as well if you want to consider yourself well informed.

It was quite a year for those of us in the real estate business though. It was very slow for a long time but continually and gradually gaining speed throughout the year. By the time fall came around it was as if winter had dragged on and then the spring market had come six months late. In my eyes it was clearly due to pent up demand created by the media scare. As sales started to increase I saw more and more new construction projects start to pop up again. There had been so many these past few years that their absence was something I really noticed, much like the lack of robins and hummingbirds in the winter. 2010 should be quite the ride. I usually go to Japan for a month this time of year, but business has been so busy these last few months that I’m sticking around and putting the trip off.

And here are what I consider to be this blog’s best of 2009 (at least, the info that is still useful now):

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Ryan Coffey

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