2010: Year In Review

Ryan Coffey

It’s the end of the year again. This means it’s time for me to make a list of posts I think are most worth reading and sum up the year as I see it for things real estate in Nanaimo.

Incidentally, this also marks the third birthday of this blog.  My cpanel says I’m getting 3000 individual visitors a month these days and they’re coming about twice a month on average. She has grown so much in those three years. I’m just so proud of her. (Sniff.)

On to the review of local real estate happenings this year. The end of last year was quite busy and then things slowed down in the beginning of this year. As of February or so, things started picking up as per normal and but at some point in the summer things slowed down again (also normal) but what wasn’t normal was that they didn’t really pick up again in the fall as much as they usually do. Strangely, in December we’ve been seeing a bit more action in the market which is strange because it’s usually the quiest time of year. Personally, I’m getting more inquiries lately and quite a few people are talking about buying in the new year so hopefully the plans will become a reality.

Nanaimo started a shift this year. Or perhaps I should say that the shift is now apparent. Since at least the 90’s the north end of Nanaimo has seen the most growth and the most… well… “new”.  A few years ago we started to see the revitalization of downtown start to gain momentum (which is still building) and more and more new developments popping up in the southern areas of Nanaimo. My hope is that the momentum will continue and we will have more of a centralized downtown area. From what I can gather from the people I’ve spoken to at city hall, it would seem that this is the plan. This town is definitely maturing into a small city.

And now my list of posts which I think are the best of the blog for 2010:

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Ryan Coffey

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