2012 Year in Review

Ryan Coffey
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We’re getting close to the end of the year and as I have done in previous years, I like to write a year in review post where I highlight the posts that I would most like to call the attention of this blog’s readers to.  There are a few ways I could choose posts and as I try to post things that are both useful, readable and sometimes even fun I think I should do it in categories.

One might expect a year in review post to mainly highlight market trends and events and the like much the way newspapers, TV and other news sources do. If you’re familiar with my blog and my perspective you will have noticed that for most people, I think there are better, more useful ways to look at things. It’s not that market trends have no meaning, it’s that it’s basically all the media mostly talks about  and I am attempting to provide context and balance to the constant flood of ‘news’. And that is why the very first post focuses on that very point which is also why I think it is the most important read for most people looking to buy or sell real estate from what I’ve written in the past year.

I have chosen two categories for these posts. “Good to know.” and “What’s Nanaimo like?” Click on the links to see.

“Good to know.”

How’s the Real Estate Market?

Nanaimo Property Assessments

Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage First.

Investing in Nanaimo Real Estate


“What’s Nanaimo Like?”

A photo tour of Nanaimo

Nature in your backyard, in the middle of town.

It’s All Relative. Even in Real Estate.

These are just a summary of a larger, clearer picture that I am trying to paint of Nanaimo real estate. If these posts appeal to you, please peruse the many others that are there and join some of my social media via the buttons on the right. Liking the facebook page is probably the best choice.

I am planning on taking my internet prescence into a new direction next year. This blog will definitely continue but I am also hoping to add some sparkle to my marketing and intend to have fun doing it.

Enjoy the holidays!


Ryan Coffey