A Nanaimo kitchen that is literally made of money.

Ryan Coffey
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Nanaimo penniesFinally, a use for that mountain of pennies you don’t know what to do with anymore. There are so many amazing ideas that are shared via the internet and one that you may or may not have seen in recent years is a method of turning those piles of pennies so many of us have into flooring as a substitute for something like tiles. The trick of course is sticking them to the floor, filling the gaps and making sure they are even and coated with a lasting protection.

Nanaimoites, Patrick and Anja Rhomberg created their own variation of this kind of flooring by covering the walls in their kitchen. They had seen the floor online and had planned on doing the same, but ultimately went with a different floor when renovating their kitchen. They modified the plan to cover the walls instead. They glued the pennies onto copper colored sheet metal. Patrick, who is a sheet metal worker framed everything in, like a picture frame, then they used industrial clear drying glue to affix them pennies and then sprayed clear lacqeur on top.

So yeah… a bit more work than just slapping some paint and a few tiles for a backsplash but the effect is rather interesting and attractive. In the near future these pennies will be an item of nostalgia. I can imagine people having future get togethers in this kitchen where they tell their kids about these basically worthless things we carried around for so long but now we have a nice use for them.

What I’m wondering though is just how many pennies it took….

Ryan Coffey

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