A Photo Tour of Nanaimo

This blog is as much about Nanaimo as it is about real estate. People come to this blog when they are looking for information about Nanaimo real estate as well as about the town itself. After all, if you’re thinking of moving out here you will want to get an idea of what the place is like.  Today, I thought I’d share a series of photos that are part of a game that some locals are playing on a local online forum.

www.nanaimoinformation.com is a site where you can get a lot of information about Nanaimo. It has a forum where locals and non locals alike talk about things Nanaimo related. As it is the online world,  the tone of the posts aren’t always from a positive disposition, but overall it is in my opinion a community of good hearted people and a great way to meet others in Nanaimo. It’s particularly good for asking people where you can find a certain product or service, or a great spot to do something like swimming or hiking that you would normally never find out about otherwise.

There are a series of threads called “Where in Nanaimo?”  in which forum members put up a photo of a hard to guess location. The location is somewhere in Nanaimo and everyone else tries to guess where it is. Even for people who have lived here for many years, most of these photos are hard to guess because the easily familiar buildings and backdrops are seldom in view.

I think a lot of the photos are beautiful and worth sharing as an unorthodox photo tour of Nanaimo.

Here is the link.

Ryan Coffey