A Video Tour of Nanaimo

If you’re avidly clicking your way through the madness of the internet while looking for a little information on Nanaimo despite never having been here, then you’ve found a great place to start.  In fact, you could literally spent days reading about Nanaimo on this very blog of mine. I’ve spent quite a few years collecting info and writing about it after all. Just take a browse through the many posts in the Nanaimo Profile section.

But for an introductory taste, let’s look at a video and a little and a little anecdote from me because personal perspectives have always made things seem more real to me.

The personal anecdote: I like to juxtapose our life here with lifestyle of other corners of the world. My personal point of reference for a wildly different life is Japan. I lived in Japan for four years and although it has been a few years since then I still go back quite frequently and am always preoccupied with the incredible contrast of daily life in both places. After returning to Nanaimo I have been known to be preoccupied with it and feel the need to tell the the Realtors  “You’d have to be nuts to not want to live on the west coast. The air is so clean and breathable, the tap water is actually pleasant it’s sooo quiet, laid back, low stress, good economy and the cost of living is manageable.  I can drive from anywhere to anywhere in Nanaimo in 20 minutes or less. And it’s not like it’s one of those way out in the sticks kind of towns either. Finding people who want to move here should be as easy as showing it to them so they know it exists.” When I’m in Tokyo, there are sirens (ambulance, fire) every 5 to 10 minutes, constant and I mean CONSTANT traffic noise, the pollution is incredible, you expect about an hour or so of travel time (each way) every time you go somewhere, it’s crowded and people are basically in stress mode 24/7. I enjoy my visits there, but I’m so glad I don’t live there anymore, I’m so glad to be back in the healthy lifestyle I have here. We may not have two or three thousand years of history and ancient culture, we may not have an endless array and endless depths of information and knowledge on almost any given subject and we may not have the convenience of being able to get almost any goods or service you can imagine at an day or time… but what we do have is a great lifestyle that is healthy, happy and easily obtainable. People who move to our corner of the world from other corners of the world tend to want to stay.


Ryan Coffey

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