Cable Bay Development Controversy Continues…

The Cable Bay saga continues. The petition was delivered and recognized by the city this Wednesday. On Monday the city council will address the issue and make what I imagine will be the first official steps to halting the large deveopment south of town.

Now, we wait for news of a referendum.

FYI, 39 hectares is about 96 acres. That’s a fairly subtantial chunk of land that is at the centre of this controversy.

More details in the article below.

Ryan Coffey

City says annexation of land is on hold

Thousands sign to halt Cedar land loss

Darrell Bellaart
Daily News

Thursday, August 07, 2008

The city’s plan to annex 39 hectares of agricultural land in Cedar has been halted.

Petitioners collected enough signatures to stop the city annexing agricultural land sought by developers for a golf course and 1,800-unit development at Cable Bay.

The city issued a report at 4:58 p.m. Wednesday confirming opponents to the development had delivered considerably more elector response forms than the 5,815 needed to stop the annexation on Monday, the deadline for stopping the annexation. A total of 7,908 forms were turned in, according to a report from Ian Howat, director of legislative services. On that basis, Howat said approval of the annexation "has not been obtained."

It means developer Cable Bay Lands cannot rezone 20% of its Cedar property for housing, a resort and golf course without a referendum. City council is expected to debate the issue on Monday.

Fred Pattje, a former Friends of Plan Nanaimo member and organizer of the signature campaign, is pleased with the news. "It is good news for my group and we fully realize the ball is in the court of the city council of Nanaimo," Pattje said. "It’s up to them what they want to do with this."

Pattje said city council underestimated how much the public opposed the development.

"There is a message here. I think we can frankly state that 7,908 citizens of Nanaimo are obviously motivated to have a say in this and sent a very strong message," Pattje said.

Cable Bay developments spokesman Roger McKinnon declined comment.

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