Cable Bay Development is Still on the Table

I hadn’t heard anything regarding the Cable Bay development in a few weeks and was starting to think “Hmmmm…. things are pretty quiet all of a sudden. Something must be brewing…” Well here we are. It’s not done yet, but it’s getter closer to happening according to the following article from the local paper.
Ryan Coffey
Cable Bay moves closer to approval
Darrell Bellaart
The Daily News

The developer for a resort-style golf course and 1,800-unit housing subdivision cleared another hurdle Monday on the road to final approval.

A motion to reconsider a bylaw that gives resort centre status to a 170-hectare property just north of Cedar, overlooking Dodd Narrows and south of the Harmac mill, got final reading. It gives Cable Bay Lands the green light to develop its master plan for the community proposed for southeast Nanaimo.

To change the land designation required rewriting the city’s official community plan. Coun. Bill Holdom, who was chairman of the committee that oversaw the 10-year OCP review, said that while some people see the land use as inappropriate for the area, it makes sense for a resort development to be located away from the city’s centre.

“Mexico makes a point of separating all their resorts from the main town,” Holdom said. “It does provide some economic benefits to the city. The developer is putting in all the services at his cost.”

Allowing the new land-use designation isn’t the final hurdle, Holdom said. It will still have to go to a public hearing.

“If it had been a rezoning we would have been giving development rights to the developer to proceed but this is just a text amendment to the OCP and as such it does not grant development rights but says we’re willing to consider applications that will fulfill the reuse designation.

“So it’s an invitation for the developer to spend some money and so on but it’s not a legal obligation for him to proceed. I think if we defeated it at this point, it would just go away.”

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