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The market has changed. A wake up call for Sellers.

I originally wrote the following in June of 2008. Some of my earlier posts are dated so I am removing them but the longer I am in real estate the more I believe that market trends are cyclical. The precise…

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Houses for $5,000; an interesting piece of Nanaimo’s Real Estate past.

I was visiting some clients of mine who had bought their home through me about this time last year. The home in question is an older home, which though not in bad shape was due for some renos to clean…

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Nanaimo Real Estate Statistics

Perhaps you’ve googled your way onto this post because you wanted to find the latest Nanaimo real estate statistics. If this is you, you’ve found what you’re looking for. However, I just want to point out that just focusing on those kinds…

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Tax Assessments are out and they’re not (really) accurate.

This post was written in 2011 to further an earlier version from 2009. The findings here have held true for the years since then so I am leaving the data and findings from 2011 intact rather than continually updating them….

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The #1 Question!

“How’s the market?” or some similar variation comes from a friend, acquaintance, or someone I just met after my being introduced as a Realtor. It might just be an ice breaker or maybe they really want to know. If it’s…

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Nanaimo' neighbourhoods zoning map

Nanaimo’s Neighbourhoods

When you are looking at listings on the MLS system you will see what is referred to ‘sub areas’ in the system. If you’re not from Nanaimo and often even if you are, it may be a little confusing figuring…

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Downsizing? Retiring? Plan it right!

As the Baby Boomers retire and as some of the Gen Xers approach empty nesthood, the reality of downsizing is something more and more people are having to deal with. For some, the yard and house are simply too big…

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nanaimo real estate market

The Media is Always Talking About Real Estate Markets Going Up and Down. Why?

  Short answer: I would say that  it”s because they need something “new” to talk about to make it “news” and because it creates a sense of drama. Painting a picture of the real estate market that makes it seem…

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showing a home

Buying a Starter Home in Nanaimo

Ryan Coffey

I have dealt with many buyers and each of them are unique in terms of what they like, need and can afford. That is not to say however that certain patterns do not emerge when looking at how people find…

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If I could go back in time and teach myself about real estate…

Do you ever wish you could talk to the younger version of yourself and tell them something that would change their (your) life to make it better? Maybe I’ve been watching too much science fiction but the thought has occurred…

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