What is Custom MLS Access and how to you get it?

Here is a description and basic how to guide for personalized, custom MLS access. It’s called Personal Client Service (PCS). Just email me if you want me to set this up for you.

When people first make contact with me they are still using the realtor.ca website which is really quite a laborious way to search for properties by comparison.  All I need from you in an email address and some general criteria about what you have in mind. I’ll enter the criteria into the system and set it up for you in a way that I think will give you a good customized selection. From there, you can choose, sort, email, print the best of the listing that fit your criteria. You will see changes in real time as places are added to the MLS, sold, taken off or reduced in price. There is google maps, streetview and all the things you would normally expect to see in a listing.

Once you ‘ve got it set up, you can let me know if you want any of the criteria changed and it will be easily done. You can find out what criteria I’ve entered by clicking the button for it on the top right of the list.

Once you’re on the system:

Knowing how to use the system will help you make the most of it so here are some tips on keeping things organized. It’s not hard at all, but it might be new for someone who is isn’t tech savvy.

  • Once you’re logged in and looking at the screen below, just click on the addresses to open and view the listings.
  • You can sort the listings into two or three lists (search results, favourites, removed listings) by checking the box next to the listings and clicking on the drop down menu at the top which will send them to the separate list of your choice. Don’t worry, you can still look at at them on that separate list and even move them back to the main list if you like.
  • You can easily email listings to me by checking the box next to them and clicking the email button. This is a good way to tell me which places you want me to take you to see.
  • If you want to see what criteria I’ve entered, click on “view criteria” on the top right.  Maybe the price range, area, number of beds or something else could be adjusted to make sure you’re seeing the best listings for you. I will have purposefully cast a wide net so that you’re not missing anything you might like but I’m also trying not to overwhelm you with info. There are generally about 1200 to 1500 places on the Nanaimo mls at a given time so the search has to be balanced.

click to enlarge

There will be the odd place that I see before it comes onto the MLS system that I think may appeal to you. If that happens about the same time you are ready to go and physically have a look, I will certainly let you know about it. The best listings don’t last long after all.