Do You Know How Energy (In)efficient Your Home Is?

For those of you who are regular readers, you will have noticed by now that I have a certain, how do you say… green leaning. That is, I do my best to promote green business and green consumption. The following is written by Ian Gartshore, who Nanaimoites may recognize from the recent provincial election as he ran for the Green Party. Ian is one of the many amazing people I’ve come to know recently in my efforts to bring eco oriented business in the area together to form the Nanaimo Green Group.

Below, he describes a service he offers which I think would be of benefit to any homeowner, whether you are buying a home or just trying to save some money on living in your existing one.

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Streamlining the Energy Usage of your Home

As a smart homebuyer you will likely have a home inspection completed before you complete your purchase so that you better know what to expect. But what about determining the amount of energy this home uses?

Within the next couple of years it is expected that the province will require all homes (new and resold) to have an energy audit completed before being sold. That way homebuyers will be able to intelligently compare the expected energy consumption of each home, just as we can do with motor vehicles.

In the meantime you can hire an energy consultant to help determine the relative energy efficiency of any given home. This can be done in a walk-about with the homebuyer, or the information can be provided in a written report. The advantage of walking through the home together is that the prospective homebuyer can see its relative strengths and weaknesses, learn what to look for, as well as discuss the various options of updating the home.

In some cases (such as installing a draft stopper in an open fireplace) a solution can be very inexpensive and very cost-effective.

The cost is $150, plus G.S.T.

A report can be given to that home buyer, or to all whom view the home. This costs only $50 extra.

The result is that the home buyer will be able to more intelligently compare homes and have a better idea what to expect.

For the serious home buyer who wishes to take advantage of up to $5,000 in government incentives toward energy upgrades (such as a heat pump, more insulation, a solar hot water system, etc.) a certified energy audit can be arranged.

Ian Gartshore of Shore Energy Solutions has been assisting homeowners in this way since 2004. His company also installs energy saving devices, solar hot water systems, and other renovations. Contact him at or locally at 250-754-0698.

Shore Energy Solutions Ltd is a member of the Better Business Bureau of Vancouver Island, The Canadian Home Builder’s Association, the Built Green© Program and B.C. Hydro’s PowerSmart Alliance

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