Earthships eco housing in Nanaimo?

I have a confession to make…

I’m an environmentalist.

Yes, that’s right, I give one percent of my revenues to environmental charities, (via I drive a hybrid car, I mostly only eat natural foods and use natural soaps and so on. And some might call me a “hippie realtor.” While I was going through my teen years in a small logging town (Port Alberni) as the son of a logger, this didn’t always make things fun, but it sure made high school uh… interesting. Things are different now, I don’t feel afraid to talk openly about environmental concerns anymore because these things are now becoming mainstream. Funny how attitudes change even though yours may not.

Anyway, about a year and a half ago I came across a youtube video that described these AMAZING eco friendly homes called “Earthships”. They collect and process their own water, generate their own electricity, their own heat, grow food and medicinal plants, make comfortable homes in any climate and are built using recycled materials. “Wow!” I thought “I have to see one!”

Now the thing is, there aren’t a lot of these things in the world just yet. They’re actually pretty spread out at the moment so without flying down to new mexico or who knows where, I can’t find one to view. There are one or two in BC that I’m aware of and I’m currently trying to track down the owner of one I hear was built somewhere near Nanaimo. (If you know where it is or can put me in contact with the owner I would REALLY appreciate it.) I have a client who is looking to build one so I would like to meet anyone who has experience with these homes if only to share knowledge and contacts.
It seems to me that these homes are about to get a whole lot of media exposure. The creator of these “biotectures”, Michael Reynolds, appeared on the Colbert Report last night to plug his new movie “Garbage Warrior” which features these homes. The movie opened in theatres in Canada about six weeks ago and is opening on the Sundance Channel tonight. I’ll post the video for the interview at the bottom of the videos, but if you’re one of the very few people not familiar with the Colbert Report, when you watch the video keep in mind that the character of Stephen Colbert is a farce on close minded extreme right wingers.

Here are some videos about these innovative homes so you can get an idea about what all the fuss is about. The first two are the ones that got my attention initially and the last one is the Colbert Report interview, which is less informative but kinda funny. There are quite a few more out there, so have a look on your own if this interests you. They’re certainly not for everyone, but regardless the fact that people are currently living quite comfortably in these eco friendly homes shows that there’s something for us to learn from their design.

There is also a very good collection of videos on the earthships site here.

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