Eco Business Mission

Steeping slightly outside my usual realm of juts Real Estate, I wanted to put the call out to toher business owners and consumers in the area to stop just talking like you care and do something about it.

I’m currently trying to get in touch with all businesses in the area who are trying to do more than just what is expected of them in terms of doing business in an eco friendly way as I would like to start a local collective of local eco businesses. My vision is for us to get together so we can network, send each other business/clients while putting some pressure on the world around us to move towards a sustainable way of doing business. As a group, such eco minded businesspeople could certainly make a positive difference as well as help our businesses grow. If you happen to know of any businesses or business people in the central Island area who are trying to raise the bar in terms of doing business sustainably, would you mind writing to me and letting me know the name of the person/company? I have a couple already, but the list should be longer in my eyes.

Someone came up with a similar idea a few years back and I bought into it. I’d like to share it with you, it’s called “one percent for the planet “, and organization to which, I am a member.

And here is the explanatory video with music from Jack Johnson:

Later this month it will be my turn to donate 1% of my revenues to some charities which I’ll select from their long list. Looking forward to it.

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