Eco friendly, super affordable skylight idea

I stumbled across this video earlier today. This idea is so simple and effective that it makes one wonder “Why isn’t this already commonplace?”

I spend a lot of time talking to people who are working in businesses that focus on eco friendly products and services. This is especially true of builders. One of the challenges they face is that the general public has a perception that the green alternative needs to cost more and is also some sort of “new technology”. The idea in this video is a clear example of how untrue that line of thinking is. The main challenge is that most people are having trouble thinking outside of the box of the status quo.

In my opinion, this idea could certainly be adapted and adopted for our market here. The unit could be made from some sort of glass or molded (recycled?) plastic and installed in all sorts of places. In the ceiling as a skylight or even in places where we don’t want a window for people to be able to peer at us through like a bathroom. I think a series of opaque natural light emitting glass orbs around the bathroom would be a great aesthetic addition to just about any bathroom. I think it would actually look great in high end homes if done this way.

Ryan Coffey