For Those of You From Outside Canada…

I like to occasionally break up the dry seriousness of real estate blogging with something fun.  I just found this really well done music video about being Canadian,and wanted to share it here.

It really struck a note with me because during most of my four years living in Japan, I really really missed the genuine kindness, natural settings, and political sanity (usualy) that  Canada has to offer. In time I became acutely aware of what a special place it is to live in. You see, when living in Japan as a non Japanese, you spend a lot of time hanging out with and talking to other non Japanese simply because you have that much in common. This plus having travelled much of Europe and having lived in the US for bit as well, I have this love for what Canada has to offer that is best described in the following statement that, rather oddly, I found on youtube under the video:

“Of the 6.771 billion people estimated on this planet, a Canadian born citizen represents? less than 1% of that. Congratulations, you’ve won the lottery.”

Now for you Canadians who don’t think of yourselves as super lucky: Go do some travelling!

Ryan Coffey

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