Google Maps Streetview Makes It To Nanaimo

For those of you who don’t already know what street view in Google Maps is, it’s a function of the map that allows you to do what the name implies and get a view of the surroundings as you would see them were you to stand in the street.

This morning I was checking the location of a property on Google Maps when I zoomed in really close to verify its proximity to a bus stop, and then I was in street view staring quite clearly at the bus stop.  I knew this feature was coming to Nanaimo, but I didn’t know it had already arrived.

What this means for you as someone who is looking at buying real estate, is that you can preview the neighbourhoods much more easily than before.

Have a look below. I’ve set it so that you’re looking at my office to start but you can go anywhere in Nanaimo by taking the controls. Just go into the window in the bottom right corner, expand it and you can zoom in and out and move the “you” to where ever you’d like to view.

Ryan Coffey

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