Great Neighbourhoods in Nanaimo Part 4: South Jingle Pot near Westwood Lake

Ryan Coffey
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For an intro to this series, please see the first post of the series, here.

Everyone has a slightly different idea of how they want to balance convenience with privacy. Some want to be right near downtown so they can walk out their door and have everything right there. Others want total quiet and isolation and don’t mind longer drives to where things are going on. Most people are somewhere in the middle and a strategic blend of both is what they are looking for. That’s how I see this neighbourhood.

Nanaimo' neighbourhoods zoning map










The area I am talking about falls within the confines of what the MLS map calls ‘South Jingle Pot’ but is more specifically the area that is down the hill from and on the north side of Westwood Lake.

The area is big enough to include a variety of types of housing including mobiles and condos but it is mostly houses. Even within the category of houses we have everything from what I would say is a step up from a starter home to some very high end houses with stunning panoramic views of the city, islands and the mountains on the mainland. But what makes this such a great neighbourhood is not so much the houses that are in it, but what is in the neighbourhood and what is is easy access to.

The most outstanding thing in the neighbourhood is one of my common stops when I am introducing a new arrival to Nanaimo. Westwood Lake. It’s just up the hill from town but when you are there you feel like you have found a secret. It is in the middle of a thickly forested mountainous zone, has a large and beautiful beach and a trail that runs all the way around. And that’s exactly what so many people go there to do; run all the way around the lake.  The trail takes about 40 minutes when walking and I suppose the run will depend on the runner. Lots of walking the dogs goes on there, people ride bikes and so on. It’s nice to have a place like this in your town as I consider it to be one of Nanaimo’s gems. It’s even better to have something like this in your neighbourhood. Imagine living next door to that.

Also within the neighbourhood are other pretty locations to have your home next to like Cathers Lake and a variety of green zones which you can see in the image above. There is also a local pub, a fun bowling alley, some neighbourhood stores to pick up this and that on the way home and what is arguably Nanaimo’s finest restaurant which is at the racquet club… on the lake.

But more than that, it has access to other areas. No matter what part of Nanaimo you work, shop or play in, getting there by car isn’t that hard from this location. Jingle Pot road goes right to the parkway which is your fast route to everywhere both inside and outside of Nanaimo and the only traffic light in the neighbourhood is the one that lets you onto the time saving parkway. The heart of downtown is right down the hill too. You’ll be there probably in five or at worst ten minutes and on the way you could stop and the giant ice arena, sports fields or aquatic centre as well. Or you could just walk to those instead since they’re pretty close.

For my entire real estate career I have been suggesting to Buyers who are looking for nice homes with great views in the north end that they at least have a look down here to see what is in the area. They can get comparable homes for much cheaper. Some listen, some don’t. The ones who do are usually glad they took the time to see what the other options were.


Ryan Coffey