How much does it snow here in Nanaimo?

308174535_3cd83a6833.jpgThe CRAZIEST thing happened in Nanaimo yesterday. It snowed! This is unheard of. Snowing at all is a bit of a special event around here, even in the middle of winter, but in the beginning of spring is unheard of. After all, a couple of weeks ago the sun was warm enough for some of the die hard summer lovers to start wearing shorts are rev up their BBQ’s for the first time. (Yes, I thought it was a bit early too, but if that’s what they enjoy doing…) Anyway, when I woke up to about 5cm of snow yesterday my first words were “The world is going to end.” But I’m still here, for now at least.

It got me thinking about how much it snows here compared to the rest of Canada. I spent three winters out in Nova Scotia when I was going to university. I just couldn’t believe that people live with that kind of cold on a regular basis. I remember lots of days and nights with minus 20 degrees (that’s celsius) and snow piled four, five or even six feet high. Nevermind the wind. And the feeling of the hairs inside your nose literally freezing every time you inhale only to melt again when you exhale. When I first saw minus 30 I very nearly freaked out and bought a plane ticket home. People who’ve moved here from other parts of Canada always say something about a “dry cold” and how the “wet cold” we have here is soemthing you feel more. This isn’t how I see it at all. I was constantly cursing the cold in those days. As you can see, I still have a passion for it.

Anyway, the talk of the big snowstorm in Ontario and Quebec a few weeks back plus the unheard of snow yesterday, which is for all intents a purposes is gone now by the way, got me thinking about the metrics of the snow across Canada. I then remembered that my managing broker at my real estate company had handed out something to that effect a few weeks back, so I dug it up. Fortunately, it’s something online from the CBC news website which means that it would be hard for anyone to accuse me of bias.

For those of you not in the know, Nanaimo is right across the water from Vancouver, so although there might be a very slight difference in the amount of snowfall in the statisic, I sincerely doubt it will be much. The weather there mirrors the weather here in my experience.

Here is the link:

CBC interactive snow records


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