Ideapaint: Turn Your Entire Office, Study, Playroom or Creative Space into a Whiteboard.

With just one coat, IdeaPaint turns any surface into a dry-erase board.

I look at so many houses, condos and the like. I see so many ideas, both old and new, for decorating homes, making them more livable, functional or durable. But when I was stumbling through the depths of the internet one night not long ago, I came across this product that still managed to excite me. I see so much potential for creative people, office workers, people with kids and basically anyone who doesn’t want to clutter the house with little bits of paper that are intended as a temporary holding place for their ideas.

The creators of this product claim that it’s able to turn any surface into a white board and that you can leave marks there indefinitely without staining the wall.

Ryan Coffey

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