I’m Back!

Ryan Coffey

For those of you who are regular readers, you may have noticed my lack of writing recently, well let me explain. I was kinda busy getting married. 🙂

I had about 16 people over from Japan for the wedding and I did my best to fit in as much great Vancouver Island experiences with them as I could in the short time we had. You know what? It wasn’t that hard. It reaffirmed my love for this corner of the world. In the past two weeks, I’ve been to perfectly serene lakes surrounded by forest, gorged myself on a variety of  gourmet foods made from local organic ingredients, done tons of shopping, gone to beautiful ocean front parks, gone bungy jumping and a tackled a high in the trees ropes course, gone fishing and caught salmon, had parties in gardens that make Martha Stewart’s home look slovenly (well, almost) while listing to a really polished Jazz/funk horn ensemble, stayed at a bed and breakfast with an ocean view from the breakfast table which served amazing food, I fed a bald eagle, saw some humpback whales, a black bear, beavers, found items from a rather old shipwreck on the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen and more.

For those of you who’ve only ever lived on the Island, most of this may not seem like a big deal to you. This is because you are spoiled! Trust me, I’ve lived and travelled all over the place. It’s not like this elsewhere. This is a big part of why I became a Realtor. It’s easy to sell something you believe in and enjoy. I wouldn’t do it otherwise.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Rudolf and Brunhilde of West Coast Magic Bed and Breakfast in Bamfield. You made our honeymoon perfect with your beautiful home, your warm hospitality and your fabulous cooking. I will be recommending your business for years to come! Initially I felt a little cheap having our honeymoon on the Island when we were orignally talking of Quebec City, Cuba, the South Pacific or Europe. But I can’t imagine how any of those places could outdo what we had in that little remote village of Bamfield at your place. I hope that many people read this and take my advice on staying there. Regardless, we’ll be back someday.

Ryan Coffey

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