Interested in having your say in Nanaimo’s plan?

If you’re interested in Nanaimo’s official community plan (OCP), you’ll want to mark June 19th on your calendar. This will be the day when the city will be allowing citizens to meet with them to discuss the OCP for the next ten years. The meeting is at the Shaw Auditorium in the new conference centre at 7pm.

Should be interesting. There has been an awful lot of growth these past few years and there is still an awful lot of new construction going on. Not to mention the changes that are yet to come. Watching the public reaction to the decisions made is sure to be informative if not sociologically entertaining as their is bound to be a disagreement or two.

According to the Nanaimo Daily News “The most debated change in the plan is a shifting of the urban containment boundary that would re-classify areas in south and west Nanaimo for higher development. But Coun. Bill Holdom, chairman of the OCP review committee, said the plan is a “living document,” and that it must evolve in order to keep Nanaimo sustainable.”

You can view the revised city plan at

Ryan Coffey

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