Lightning, Fireworks and Bathtub Races

For those you you who live in or near Nanaimo, the title of this post makes perfect sense. Particularly if you made it to the bathtub races and the fireworks display last weekend.

For the rest of you, it’s worth explaining that we have a local tradition of racing bathtubs in Nanaimo. Yes, I know it sounds crazy. I guess that’s the point. It makes it a lot more fun that just racing boats. And these things are souped up by the way, they are made aerodynamic, light and have outboard motors attached. It’s a really big event every summer and part of the weekend involves a popular fireworks display.  it’s one of the few times Nanaimo ever feels crowded, at least if you’re at the waterfront.

This year, we got quite the show. In addition to the fireworks that were planned, we got some thunder and lightning to go along with it. It was quite the show and Jerimiah Armstrong of was there to capture some amazing photos of the event. Thank you Jeremiah for allowing me to post these here.

You can click on each photo to enlarge it.


Ryan Coffey

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