Maintain your home and keep it pest free!

Once in a while I depart from talk about Nanaimo real estate, and find madness on the web that is in some way real estate related. This is the just for fun section of the blog.

Here is my latest collection of madness, worst case scenarios of pests. Fortunately, I’ve never seen an infestation anything even remotely like any of these. Worst I’ve seen to date was a few hundred carpenter ants in some insulation and that wasn’t even the worst thing about that place… electrical issues, water damage, mouldy smell…. at least it was dirt cheap because someone would have had to fix that place up or even demolish it and make use of the lot.

Words for the wise… the key is to catch it early!

Ok, I have chosen not to show roaches, snakes and mice because they’re just too much. I will however show this one sort of migration that happens every year in on Christmas Island that I really get a kick out of just to lighten the mood:

Imagine living there!

Ryan Coffey

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