Mortgage Rates Going Up As of Today?

I just found a message in my inbox, which was sent to me from a Mortgage Broker with some information that will be of interest to all of you interested in interest rates.

This Mortgage Broker (who will remain unnamed as I want to get word out quickly and don’t have time to get their permission) is claiming that they were privy to some information saying that most lenders will be raising their interest rates by the end of tonight. If you happen to be reading this before the end of today, drop in to your Mortgage Broker and take last minute advantage of these record low interest rates we are seeing the end of. Many lenders will let you hold them to a quoted rate for 90-120 days.

So if you’ve been putting this off… now’s you’re last chance to get in under the wire.

I knew this day was coming, but the last information I had heard was that it was coming in a couple of months. I doubt that rates will increase dramatically in a short time, but even a small difference can be enough to prevent you from affording the one you really wanted. After all, as I’ve stated in the past, rates will often play at least as large of a part in making things affordable or unaffordable as what the market is doing does.

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