My Hot Water Tank is a Bit Older but Seems Fine – Why would I Replace It?

Ryan Coffey
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Here is a guest post from local plumbing company, Torry and Sons.

Ryan Coffey

nanaimo Hot Water TankWhen your Hot Water Tank is pushing 10 or 12 years – there are some risk factors that you may want to consider. If the operation of your tank gives it up suddenly it could be from rust, a leak or corrosion. It can also mean a minimum of 40 or 60 gallons of water leaking out of the tank. This causes a potential for damage to beautifully laid flooring and also a real mess to clean up. Alternatively, the element or dip tube’s performance may start to diminish – this will cause the amount of hot water available to be less and less as the end of the life of the tank approaches.

Replacement of an Electric or Gas Hot Water Tank before you end up with damage or interruption in the availability of hot water is definitely worth considering (when was the last time you had to take a cold shower… brrrrr!). There are some very efficient models available from a number of different manufactures and a Hot Water Tank can often be replaced for much less than clean up costs or costs associated with damage from water leaking.

Electric or Gas? The pros for an Electric Hot Water tank are: they typically have a lower initial cost, they have minimal maintenance and they are usually easily installed. The cons for Electric are they often have higher operational costs and they have a slower recovery time. The pros for a Gas Hot Water Tank: a much faster recovery of heated water and a lower cost to operate. The cons for Gas are a higher initial cost and requires some maintenance to ensure the gas burner is in good condition.

There is also the option to upgrade to a Tankless Hot Water system such as the Rinnai which only heats the water you use and virtually provides endless hot water. This provides a very efficient gas fired system that saves energy. The initial cost output is more, but the life of the Tankless System is usually double that of a standard Hot Water Tank and it cost less to operate. So how happy would you be if you could take an extra long hot shower and still save money by not paying to heat your water when you are not at home or sleeping!



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