Nanaimo real estate: A profile

Nanaimo real estate. It’s something I’ve put up an awful lot of info about here over the past four plus years, but I do know that many of the people who end up on my blog find it because they are trying to learn more about Vancouver Island and Nanaimo in particular. Instead of making people have to hunt through my entire blog and the rest of the web for such information, I will put links to and comments about that kind of info in this post. This is only a taste though, for more, go through the various sections of the blog and find more specific topics.

As a blogging Realtor, I have to ask myself… “If I had never been to Nanaimo, and knew next to nothing about it what’s the first thing I would want to know? Location? Cost? Lifestyle? Job opportunities?” Well, a map can answer the first part of that…

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Looks like we’re in the middle of nowwhere doesn’t it? Zoom in. You’ll see that the middle of nowhere is just a couple of hours drive away from here but you’ll also see that the well known city of Vancouver is just next door and would be in commuting distance if it wasn’t for the water. (But yes, there are a few people who do that commute anyway.) We’re a town of about 80,000 people(120,000 in the broader Nanaimo area)  on the east coast of Vancouver Island. We’re just about 2 hours drive North of Victoria, and a slightly longer travel time from Vancouver via ferry. But only 20 minutes from Vancouver by seaplane. Our area is a very green place where, as you probably saw during the 2010 Olympics next door, is full of alpine forests and oceans and not nearly as cold as the rest of Canada.  Cold winter day out here? Maybe freezing, but usually not.

As for the the cost, lifestyle, work mentioned above the points are generally covered in this post   throughout my main website, and more in depth in the links section of that website. The average sale price of a house here is around $350,000 which is roughly half of what it costs to buy in Vacouver and still quite a lot cheaper than Victoria. You can even pick up a decent two bedroom condo for around $175,000. If it’s a house on your own piece of ocean front, then you can start looking around the $700,000 range.

But it’s the beauty and pace of life of Nanaimo that I think catches people’s eye right away and the lifestyle and convenient size and location of Nanaimo that makes people stay. I’ve put up a lot of photos of the area on my blog over the years which you can view all of here and you can see a wider variety of photos of Nanaimo here and here.

Again, this is just a taste of what there is to learn about Nanaimo on my website(s) alone but the above is enough to keep most anyone busy for quite a while. In the end, there’s no substitute for getting off the computer and coming to have a look. I can help you with that. 🙂

Ryan Coffey