Nanaimo from an Investor’s Perspective

Below is a brief video of Nanaimo’s highlights for investors. There is a lot more there than is covered. Particularly since the downtown core is going through a series of steps that are giving it new life. So many new shops have opened in the past little while since a number of new condo developments, the giant new convention centre and the cruise ship berth have been built. I hear the city is working on much more in the area and are in the process of hammering out the details.

Nanaimo has long been the hub of the transfer of goods and traffic to and from Vancouver and the mainland. This is mainly due to the two very large ferry terminals that run ferries between those two points but it should also be mentioned that our central location on the east side of Vancouver Island makes it a natural location for such throughfare. It also makes it a natural place for our large and numerous shopping centres to attract customers from all over the island. Some people even come up from Victoria, a city with nearly four times our population.

The largest single employer here is Vancouver Island University, but a growing number of tech companies both big and small are more and more noticeable.

As for investment in real estate that is non commercial, it is worth noting that the city’s official community plan is focusing on increasing the city’s density and that it is becoming easier to build multi story complexes or to simply convert a regular single family home to one that includes a suite to increase rental revenue.

These are just the coles notes of what Nanaimo has to offer investors. For more info you can contact me.

Ryan Coffey