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nanaimo zoning map


With photos shared of every other meal, selfies of every get other together and a plethora of emoji to show each and every emotion, life online has gotten to the point where there is more info and notifications than one knows what to do with. Having said that, keep in mind that there is actually useful info too.

Maybe you already know about or maybe you don’t.  One of the various useful things on that website is the “Nanaimomap”.

If you’re looking at a property and wondering where the property line is, what the zoning is, what the approximate slant or elevation of a given lot is, where rights of way are, where the sewage systems run and so on and so on… this is a handy tool for looking that up. It’s really quite an impressive thing, as there is such a wide variety of settings and things to view, it makes google maps look plain by comparison.

Also worth mentioning is that the for areas that surround Nanaimo that are not part of Nanaimo proper, the Regional District of Nanaimo has its own similar map.

And of course, there are various professionals at the municipal offices and elsewhere that can help you understand the info presented.

Ryan Coffey


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