Nanaimo’s Neighbourhoods

Ryan Coffey
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When you are looking at listings on the MLS system you will see what is referred to ‘sub areas’ in the system. If you’re not from Nanaimo and often even if you are, it may be a little confusing figuring out what Nanaimo’s neighbourhoods are. Below is a map of said areas provided by the local real estate board, VIREB. This info will help you make a little more sense of where properties are location wise because they are sorted into these sub areas in the MLS search system.

You may notice that these do not 100% match how people commonly refer to different parts of Nanaimo. For example, I find that when most people refer to “North Nanaimo” they are referring to a much broader area than what is referred to by that name in the real estate system, nor is there a “Harewood” on this map.

Regardless of how much research you do or what info you find, something you can only do in person is see how there is no succinct description that is true for all of the properties in that area. I am often asked “How much does a property sell for in this area?” but the answer is never as simple as they are looking for because there is so much more to pricing a property than just by location. It’s case by case and the general information is just that, general.

Ryan Coffey

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