Nanaimo’s Royal LePage and Coast Realty Merge

Ryan Coffey
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Royle Lepage

It was announced this morning that Coast Realty has been bought by Royal LePage and that myself and whichever other Realtors who wish to stay will be flying the red and white banner of  Royal Lepage instead of the blue and green of Coast Realty. For my clients, the only noticeable difference will be that my signs, websites and business cards will soon have a different logo on them.

For me, it will mean that I talk to a new manager when I need to and I have to change my advertising to match the new company name. I’ll still be sitting at the same desk, in the same building, selling properties in the same neighbourhoods in the same way as I always have. Apparently being part of a larger national network gives me access to some larger networking and technical resources, but none of this is the sort of thing that would be noticed by the client. I merely mention it because I want my clients to understand that I am the same Realtor I have always been and my business style will remain the same transparent, honest and diligent style it has always been. The change of company is mainly a change of colours like new paint on a home.


Ryan Coffey