New Hotel in Dontown Nanaimo Still Waiting for Go Ahead

Anyone walking around the new conference centre in Nanaimo’s downtown will have noticed the empty construction site across the street. In case you didn’t already know, that’s for the new hotel that is planned to be built to connect to the conference centre. The question on everyone’s mind is of course "Where is it?"
Let’s hope things go according to schedule and that they have it ready in time for Vancouver’s 2010 winter olympics. It would be nice to have the extra accommodation space.
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Ryan Coffey
PNC hotel is delayed until 2010
Councillor urges company to ‘move quickly’ towards start of construction
Robert Barron
Daily News

Construction has still not started on the delayed hotel component of the Port of Nanaimo Centre.

Jeet Manhas, chairman of the city’s PNC advisory committee, said he’s been assured by Millennium/Suro that they are continuing to prepare their designs for the hotel and will have it completed on schedule by May of 2010.

Manhas said the city’s private partners in the PNC project are also forging ahead with an agreement that would see Boutique Hotels & Resorts of British Columbia, a hospitality management company for luxury hotels, lodges and resorts in the province, run the 18-storey, 170-room hotel when completed.

“Our partners are moving forward with their plans for the hotel and the next step is for them to apply to the city for a development permit,” Manhas said on Monday.

“We’ve met with them last week and we’ve been told that the only holdup before construction begins is to ensure they will build the kind of hotel we want here. Summer is a hard time to get people together, but we’re trying to schedule a meeting between them, senior staff and the advisory committee soon.”

City council didn’t terminate the deal with Millennium/Suro to build the hotel in early June, despite the fact the partners missed the agreed date to have the concrete footings for the hotel poured by May 31.

Millennium/Suro has already been granted three extensions by the city to the original deal to build the hotel, originally slated to have been built and opened at the same time as the rest of the PNC, but the group encountered delays acquiring the needed funding.

However, Manhas said with time passing, he encouraged Millennium/Suro to “move quickly” towards the beginning of construction.

“They’ve already invested millions of dollars on designing the hotel and other costs so I don’t see them backing out of the deal,” he said.

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