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A Video Tour of Nanaimo

If you’re avidly clicking your way through the madness of the internet while looking for a little information on Nanaimo despite never having been here, then you’ve found a great place to start.  In fact, you could literally spent days reading about...
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Condominium Or House: Which one Is Right For You?

One of the often quoted reason for buying real estate is that “Land is the only thing they’re not making more of.” As the global population continues to rise and spread into ever more corners of the world, the need...
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Nanaimo Real Estate Statistics

Perhaps you’ve googled your way onto this post because you wanted to find the latest Nanaimo real estate statistics. If this is you, you’ve found what you’re looking for. However, I just want to point out that just focusing on those kinds...
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Five things you should not do before you buy a home

nanaimo mortgage So you have decided it is time to buy a home. Congratulations, you have made a wise decision. Planning ahead is crucial to buying a home, particularly if you don’t have extensive financial resources. Since mortgage lenders will...
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Real Estate Terms: Having your listing “on tour”

House hunting happens on tour as well. Around here we call it “tour” and in some other parts of North America I’ve heard it referred to as “caravan”. Regardless of terminology it is practiced widely across North America and for...
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The House That Wouldn’t Sell (Part 3).

Here is part three of my series which features a fictional account of a couple who have trouble selling their home. It is based on an amalgamation of some of the most common errors made by people hoping to sell...
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What Draws People to Nanaimo

I’m in the process of reviewing, editing and updating my main website. What I have up on my homepage is something that I have revised a few times over the years and I think it is worth re-posting here. Each...
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The House That Wouldn’t Sell (Part 1)

  This is a story. It is not a story about any particular real life Realtor or any particular real life client. It is however, a common tale that I as a Realtor see regularly in my line of work....
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Tax Assessments are out and they’re not (really) accurate.

Before we dig in, let me point out that this blog has just reached four years of age and is going strong. I had over 32,000 unique visitors to this blog in 2011. My posts have been sparse of late...
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The Most Subjective Term in Real Estate?

Nanaimo is a waterfront town with an elongated shape much of which is built upon hills, ridges and a mountain. This means that we have an awful lot of homes with ocean views in Nanaimo. Today, you can find a...
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Negotiating A Good Price As A Buyer

There is a long list of little tips and tricks that Realtors such as myself use to try and get a better price for our clients while trying to bring a deal together. The following is not such a list...
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Nanaimo’s most useful map

  With photos shared of every other meal, selfies of every get other together and a plethora of emoji to show each and every emotion, life online has gotten to the point where there is more info and notifications than...
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