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The search is on for a location for the 6,000 seat multiplex.

Here’s an article I found at the CHECK news website. I remember about two years ago when they started to try to garner community support for this project by distributing printed material around town and it certainly looks like things...
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Still a shortage of Rentals in Nanaimo

The ongoing saga of low rental rates in B.C. continues. I know that the city is currently working on a plan to make it easier for homes to have a legal secondary suite, but as far as I know the...
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The Basics on Buying Real Estate in B.C.

Being someone whose profession keeps them continually immersed in the world of real estate, it’s sometimes easy for me to forget that it’s a world shrouded in esoteric mystery. No, not “The Lord of the Rings” kind of esoteric mystery...
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Attention readers from the U.S. (and other internationals considering buying property in Canada) PART 2

To continue the series on how non-Canadians (particularly Americans) can purchase real estate in Canada, an Immigration Lawyer associate of mine has been kind enough to share his insights on the matter from the perspective of immigration. Joshua Sohn is...
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A very naughty Realtor…

Enough of all this seriousness, let’s have a laugh for a bit. I think this is hilarious. My apologies if you don’t share my sense of humour.     Ryan Coffey
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Attention readers from the U.S. (and other internationals) considering buying property in Canada

Every couple of years there is a lot of talk from people in the U.S. about moving to Canada as an escape from something unsavoury that is going on in their country. For most of them, it is just talk....
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A Green Roof I Experienced in Tokyo.

I was visiting an architect friend’s house in Tokyo, by the name of Eri Doi, who had designed her own house. Being a Realtor, I had already noticed how effectively she had designed the house in such a way as...
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Some special visitors

A pod of Orcas (aka “killer whales”) payed Nanaimo a visit last month. Such whales aren’t so unusual to see on and near the Island, but it was nice to have this pod of 13 come to Nanaimo all the...
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Here’s a realty good laugh!

This isn’t my story, nor did it happen in Nanaimo but I think it’s so nuts I just have to post it. I call it “The Texas Fish House.” but the actual title is “A Fishy Abandoned House Tale”. I...
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