Real Estate Terms: Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Ryan Coffey
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This one seems so obvious that one would simply not bring it up.  I am however frequently asked by Buyers while looking at Nanaimo real estate “Is this a bedroom?” My answer is generally something along the lines of “If it’s your home you can do whatever you want with the space. For the purposes of real estate selling we consider a bedroom to have a closet and a window.”  Dens are sometimes used as bedrooms and vice versa. Some places are built without the closet or someone removes it to open up the space and use a wardrobe instead. I have seen homes where the may be three or four rooms that are used as bedrooms but only listed as having two or three bedrooms because the Realtor did it by the book. It’s usually pretty straightforward though, it’s just that even with something as simple as this it’s not completely cut and dried.

As for bathrooms, I am sometimes asked about “half baths’ and “full baths”. I understand what people mean when they ask this but the MLS doesn’t look at it that way. You see, when we list a place we enter how many ‘pieces’ it has. A toilet and a sink is a ‘two peice’ bath add a shower and it becomes a ‘three peice’ and then a tub and it becomes ‘four peice’. A lot of people know this but don’t realize that it is in the listing info.

All this said, I prefer to look at the properties themselves than the listings. There’s a lot less guess work as to what is actually there and whether it is worthwhile or not. It does however open up a whole new series of questions, but only if it resonates in some way with the buyer.


Ryan Coffey