Retiring in Nanaimo

Ryan Coffey
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Vancouver Island has long been a destination for retirees from across Canada who are looking to find a relaxing setting with mild winters where they can find a more comfortable pace of life for their later years. Nanaimo’s size and proximity to natural beauty, tranquility, medical facilities and transportation to and from the rest of the world make it a popular community for retirees.

Of course, there are a variety of retirement homes in the area which offer varying levels of comfort and care but not all are interested,  ready or in need of such a lifestyle. For this reason, there are many 55+ communities of condos, townhomes, patio homes and mobile homes. Such communities offer a balance point between the vigorous and sometimes chaotic community populated by younger people and the sometimes overly tranquil and restricted lifestyle of a retirement home.

Some like to retire in homes that have a small yard for them to do gardening in. Mobiles like this one are an option for people like that who are on a budget. Depending on price range and tastes there are a wide variety of strata communities that specifically cater to an older crowd and offer facilities for holding events, having guests, getting exercise andd just plain connecting with your neighbours.

But one doesn’t need to join a retirement oriented community in order to have a feeling of tranquility. The photo above is of a listing which you can see here which offers many of the things mentioned above but is not in a retirement community but still offers the sense of quietude and privacy without great expense.

Not everyone wants to deal with all the rules/bylaws that come along with strata properties. They like the sense of freedom that comes with owning a house and as their knees begin to lose strength, stairs start to become more tiresome. This is why another popular type of home for people to retire in is ranchers (aka bungalows) such as this one. Ranchers of various styles, ages and prices exist all over Nanaimo.

And that, is the coles notes of what general sorts of properties are popular with those who wish to retire in Nanaimo. Or perhaps I should say that it the tip of the iceberg as there really is such a wide variety available which is beyond the scope of this post. It bears mentioning though that all of this is within the context of a wide variety of community activities, attractions and events that are designed to appeal to our already large and growing retired population. Have a look around the rest of the blog for more on these topics.


Ryan Coffey