Spring Market

Ryan Coffey

The seasons have turned. It is now spring. The crocuses have been up for about a month now and daffodils have revealed themselves as well. Robins abound and the nicer weather has a way of making people feel good and do things like moving up in life.

The spring market means more Buyers, but more Sellers too. Realtors have a lot more on their plate and this is the time when we usually get a good indication of what the rest of the year will be like.

As I always say though, the best time to buy has more to do with your ability to afford payments than anything else. Market wise, there are only good times to buy and better times to buy as I have explained many times in other posts. Sellers, the same basic principles apply in this market as any other and keep in mind that although yoour property will look better now than it did in the winter, so will the other listings the Buyers are looking at. The specifics of how to make your particular place stand out is part of what you hire Realtors like me for.

Enjoy the better weather!

Ryan Coffey


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