The Harewood Home and Nature Show

Ryan Coffey
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Simon and Tanya enjoying the show from their yard.

Harewood is an area that does not show up by that name on our MLS maps but all locals know it regardless.  By reference to the current MLS map, Harewood is partly the area referred to as ‘South Nanaimo” and partyl the area referred to as “University District”. It also has a reputation which I have been openly disagreeing with for some time.

Earlier this year I sold a starter home at a great price (under 240k)  to two clients, Tanya and Simon. Nice people, one of which I have known for many years. The process went as normal; first we made sure they had their finances sorted, we looked around at various properties,  found the one property that stood our for them, made and negotiated an offer and then spent the next few weeks doing all the deeper investigating into the property that is part and parcel of the subject removal process. In short, we did our homework as well as anyone could be expected to have. But there was a surprise about the property that we hadn’t forseen. In fact there were and continue to be quite a lot of them.

You see, this home was advertised as having “riverfront living” and upon viewing the property it was indeed true as you can stare down the river from some of the windows and from much of the yard. Simon and Tanya bought a home that edges on what the City of Nanaimo calls “The Chase River Watercourse Park” but to anyone passing by it’s just some trees and a little stream in the middle of Harewood.  But Simon and Tanya weren’t just passing by. The house they bought has a great view down the stream from the yard and parts of the house. This was obvious from the first time we viewed it and it was a selling feature of the home. It’s just that we hadn’t imagined how much great wildlife they would be seeing come and go.

When we were doing the property inspectionI saw a large group of ducks… um… let’s say they were ‘courting’ each other in the stream  and it’s no surprise to see deer, raccoon, bald eagles,  rabbits or squirrels in Nanaimo city limits but in the case of this home there was more too see all right from and even in the yard.  After buying the home, Tanya and Simon started to post videos and photos on social media of various kinds of wildlife they were taking pictures and videos of from their back yard. Things like otters and owls.

At first my reaction was “Oh, nice. I’m glad they’re enjoying their new place. The various birds and the like are a nice bonus.” but over time it became “Wow. This really is something special.” Thus, this post was born. I am trying to call attention to this particular bit of green space in hopes that people will further appreciate the natural beauty we are blessed with in our own backyards in this corner of the world.

Those of you who follow my blog may have noticed that as a rule I don’t advertise my listings or sales here but do all of that that on and my other social media. This is an exception because I had never seen anything quite like this in the middle of town and thought it special enough to share. These images are, after all taken from the bench in the photo above or just in front of it. That is, right from the yard.

Enjoy the show.

Ryan Coffey