The House That Wouldn’t Sell (Part 1)


This is a story. It is not a story about any particular real life Realtor or any particular real life client. It is however, a common tale that I as a Realtor see regularly in my line of work. It may be a Seller that I encounter personally, but it is most often exemplified in a listing that I have been driving by for months and saying to myself “Wow… still on the market eh?“ The details of the story are an amalgamation of many such examples I have seen. This story is not as dramatic as many real life ones are because I wanted to focus more on the decisions made than the drama in the personal lives of the people involved. Suffice to say that in the real world… emotions are flying around a lot while all of this is going on.

Once upon a time in a land far down the street was a house that the owners wanted to sell. The owners of this home were named Roger and Shirley Pilkington. The Pilkingtons had lived in their cozy home for about ten years. They had loved it, maintained it well. Their pride in their home showed. They certainly had the nicest garden on the street, and in their opinion all the renos and upgrades they had done over the years made it the nicest house too. However, for reasons not important to our story, they had decided it was time to sell the home and move on. Suffice to say that like nearly every other seller they needed to and intended to get as much money for the property as possible.

Roger and Shirley had been talking to their neighbours about selling their home for a year or so. They had been mulling over various ideas of how to do it. They were considering selling it as a “for sale by owner” but they decided to talk to some Realtors first. So they called three different Realtors from various companies and asked them to come by and tell them how much they could sell the Pilkington’s house for and what the plan was for selling it.

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Ryan Coffey

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