The Sights of B.C.

Ryan Coffey

Here’s a 90 second video that was recently put together by the Provincial Government to promote B.C. during the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and after. So yeah, it’s an ad… BUT I’m putting it up here because it’s exactly the sort of thing that would have given me a rush of emotion during my 7 years of living outside of my beloved British Columbia. I came to miss it so much that there was a point when google image search for places on Vancouver Island, and especially Nanaimo became a great source of nostalgia for me as well as inspiration to prepare for the move back home. Everything they show in this video is something we have in abundance after all. Oh, and yes, in case it wasn’t already completely obvious, we are extremely multicultural here.

I think though, that the video would have been cooler if Michael J. Fox was carrying a hoverboard and wearing those cool sneakers from 2015. Am I alone here? 🙂

Ryan Coffey

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