The World Continues to Discover Us.

The hoopla of the Olympics are yet to start and Vancouver has been a city that people around the world of have been aware of for a while now but Vancouver Island recently got some positive press overseas. The Daily News, a UK newspaper with a distribution of 2.2 million, not to mention a large online presence which I keep running into via stumbleupon, has written a rather favourable article about our humble island.

I’ve seen similar articles about Vancouver Island or Nanaimo from newspapers in other Canadian cities and travel magazines but this one sticks out in my mind partly because of how far the author has come and chosen here from the endless array of places to write about, but also because of how many people must have read about it.

This article of course speaks of tourism, but the large number of U.K. Expats in the area (like my dad) and U.K. food stores are testament to how many have been and continue to live out here. Nanaimo’s nicest pub? British. Nanaimo’s finest gourmet food store? Ironic as it sounds, is owned by a Scot. The local army infantry unit is the “Canadian Scottish Regiment” where you will typically see a bottle of HP sauce at meal time despite virtually everyone having the local accent.

Such an article makes a small but potentially noticeable impact on the local real estate market, but many of them make a large one. I’m watching quite closely to see what happens during and after the Olympics because I think this is just the beginning.

I hope Doctor Who comes and makes a visit in an upcoming episode. That would be so cool! 🙂

Here is the link to the article, which I only just found thanks to stumbleupon:

Daily Mail Article

Ryan Coffey

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