The World Wants To Move To Canada

canada-1555109-638x478I found an interesting article in the Globe and Mail last week. I was just about to put up the previous post about my website for free connections to Chinese speaking Realtors across Canada, when I came across the article. I tend to cut and paste a lot of worthwhile articles into this blog, but in this case there are quite a lot of graphics and etc. to bungle up my wordpress so I’m providing you with a quote from the article to whet your appetite and then a link to see the whole thing.

“It’s a startling finding, one that is reinforced by respondents’ overwhelmingly positive attitudes about Canada’s welcoming and tolerant treatment of newcomers. The results bode well for Canada’s efforts to attract highly educated immigrants as the global search for talent heats up in coming years.”

Click here for the full article.

Ryan Coffey

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