Vancouver Is So Close, But Prices Are So Far.

I spent part of yesterday evening cruising the web, much like you probably were when  you first came across this blog. I had a peek at the website for CBC  news in British Columbia before popping off to bed and I found this.

When I’m in work mode, the numbers and stats and locations and condition of places are all whizzing around in my consciousness in a whirlwind of business calculation. This peice of information really resonated with me last night because I was not in that mode and because I was not looking for real estate information at the time. I didn’t see anything I didn’t already know about, but this open mindset made me see this familiar information with clarity. What a difference in a short distance.

I can literally see Vancouver from my doorstep, yet when it comes to real estate prices it may as well be another country. Things are roughly twice the price there. Sure, there is more economic, cultural and social activity there. It’s a city after all. But there are also the social ills, the cost of living, the noise and the long commutes. That’s life in the city.

Here in my medium sized town (a little over 100,000 people in the district) I am always still discovering new stores,  restaurants, people, parks and activities. At the same time it’s small enough for me to run into people I know once in a while should I head out in public. I like feeling like part of a community but also being anonymous when I want to be. I can drive everywhere I need to withing twenty minutes too.

Should I crave some city life, downtown Vancouver is just twenty minutes away by float plane from our own downtown. Or, if I should choose to save some money or take my car with me to the city, there are two ferries to choose from as well.

On the other hand, wilderness is just as easy to get to as well.

I once spent ten years on the road travelling all over North America and Japan, and a bit of Europe. No more. I’m done. I’m staying here in the area I grew up in. It’s funny how we sometimes have to give up what we have in order to appreciate it. An affordable medium between both city and wilderness.

Ryan Coffey

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