What Sorts Of People And How Many Are Allowed To Move To Canada?

Thanks to my online presence and the fact that I hang out in international/multicultural circles, I get quite a few inquiries from people who are looking to move to canada from other countries. A while back I started a category of posts I titled “Buying as a Non Canadian” but haven’t added to it much since because I’m a Realtor, and not an expert on immigration matters. Over the course of years I’ve learned quite a few tips and tricks about such matters, but not the sorts of things you write a blog post about.

However, I recently got something in my inbox from an Immigration Lawyer that I thought would be of interest to international readers of this blog so I asked for permission to post it here.  And yes, permission granted.

The .pdf document below is from David Aujla, and Immigration Lawyer who operates out of Victoria. Check out his site at www.bcimmigration.com

It paints one portion of the picture of how easy/hard it is to gain entrance into Canada from abroad. I can tell you from experience though, that it takes a certain amount of determination and time to accomplish this worthwhile task. When my (now) wife and I moved back from Japan it took quite a few months to get the documents together and then about 6 or so for the application for me to sponsor her to be processed. Many don’t use a Lawyer due to the cost, but like real estate, it’s high stakes stuff that is very complex and could easily send your life down the wrong track should you miss one of the many important details of the process.


Ryan Coffey

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