What’s being built in Nanaimo?

As a Realtor, there is a huge amount of information that I need to have access to in order to make sure my clients are properly taken care of. One of the things that sometimes comes up is “Is something being built in that spot? What is it? ” which is leading to the question of “How will this affect the use/value of the property I am looking to buy/sell?” Like so many other things, there are constantly a large number of things going on that are constantly changing.

The City of Nanaimo is generally an easy organization to get info from. Lots of knowledgeable staff to take your calls and their website has this great map that, if you can figure out how to use it and ask pertienent questions to staff at city hall, is often one of those bits of info that can really make a difference between being not quite sure and being quite sure about what’s going on regarding various rules, regulations and changes that concern a given property.

But now they have something new and it’s easier to get the info. Have a look.


Ryan Coffey

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