Why Japanese Bathrooms Are Better.

Ryan Coffey
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I’ve not been putting posts up lately because the market has kept me busy and I’m currently writing all the content for my Nanaimo real estate website which will soon be revamped. After that, this website will get a facelift as well.

I just came across this great video that explains why Japanese bathrooms are so awesome. As someone who lived in Japan for four years and as a Realtor this strikes a chord with me. The Japanese way of bathing is one of the main things I miss while I am in Canada. Don’t get me wrong, I’m way happier here and that’s way I came back but I hope to make a bathroom like this in my own home one day as I find this way so much more convenient and comfortable. Only, as we have so much more space in Nanaimo, it will be more roomy.

She doesn’t mention quite everything is this video though. A lot of the mirrors have a heating system that prevents them from fogging and then there’s the toilet seats which look like they’re made by NASA. But those are probably worth a video on their own. This girl does a variety of videos on daily life in Japan if you have further interest.



Ryan Coffey